the Visions Of EP (2012)

by Star Destroyer

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released November 22, 2012



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Star Destroyer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Star Destroyer is a three-piece technical heavy metal band from the Philadelphia, PA area. The band specializes in odd- timing and progression, and touches on many aspects of music. The band released "the Visions Of EP" in 2012.
Star Destroyer is:
Steve Bubeck - rhythm/lead guitars, lead vocals
James Leary - drums, keyboard/synth, backing vocals
Mike Britt - bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
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Track Name: Regret
what would it take to feel your eyes? what would it take to feel alive? am I wrong? (five whole years.) I still see you in dreams. Either the world will turn, or I'll be dead. It's an endless cycle. It's endless. Why can't I? Or I'll be dead.

I can't stop believing what I see in dreams. Even if my conscious has kept it all subdued for years. I can't stop believing what I see in dreams.

Endless retrospection, the passing turn in irony, you, and you, and you...
I promise you that if the opportunity ever arises again, that I will not falter. But until that time, these are the last words I'll ever write about you.
Track Name: I am the Protractor
This song is for those who doubt. Our will will never be doubted again. You will respect these notes that exist in dream. You will respect these notes that have set us free. You will respect these rhythms that cease to be. You will respect these words that will make you believe. It's an endless cycle. Break our will. Break our pride. Take our time. Send obstacles. Send thunderous rains. Send the swarm. Send thunderous rain. Send insect swarms. But our will, can not be doubted.
Track Name: the Gutsick Opiate Dominance
"A friend we once ran to, now runs from us. And let this be a reminder, Dave, that we're still here.."
Track Name: Wait! Why?
Wait! Why? It's all we have. Even the plant life is dying.
Everything is subconscious. Ego dictates perfection, along every step of the way, except one. I figure I, beyond convention, and sure release.
Wait! Why? It's all we have. Even the plant life is dying.
Track Name: the Visions Of
The vision of the vision is the vision and it's mine. All those who conform before me will suffer the tolerance of their own indifference. There is no-one else left. Time melts all walls and all flesh but all walls and all flesh are brittle. I will defy the logic of the box woven in affliction. All must stand still while I prepare for the divide. All must prepare for the divide.
Track Name: Ripped Plains
Of a strange sort.
To be born when
free will was
The frequency interference.
fear; exponential
lines walls;
and youth.
Could be misinterpreted.
Could be youth.

"Now you, lay behind, a rotted fragment of
your own, of your own design. And this,
is now. This, is now.
Forever, the ripped plains
that we have made for ourselves."
Or the growing change:
loss of past abilities;
slouched eyes down,
nothing is without cost,
living is time, the soul
is dead.

The soul is dead.
The frequency interference.

I am the master of time.
All space falls before
I am the master of time.